Restoration of 1798 David Tannenberg Organ
Single Brother's House, Old Salem, North Carolina
Opus 47

The Principal 4' pipes in this organ were added to the 1800 Home Church organ during one of the "renovations" of that instrument. This included the original 1798 facade pipes, and the organbuilder that did the work scribed the name of the new stop (Viola) into the upper lips of the pipes. Tuning slots were also cut into the front of the facade pipes and the pipes were cut short. It was decided that since these are facade pipes, the inscriptions had to be removed, along with the tuning slots soldered shut and the pipes lengthened. The repairs also would have to be disguised, so that the pipes have the "look" that they had before they were damaged. Christoph Metzler from Switzerland removed the dents from the pipes in 2003, and Robbie Lawson from Taylor and Boody removed the inscriptions from the upper lips and "disguised" the tuning slot repair done by Metzler. The metal that the pipes are made of was analyzed so we could accurately recreate the
lead/tin alloy, which was done in our foundry. The metal was cast and the pipes were lengthened.
The extensions were also disguised as well.

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