Restoration of 1798 David Tannenberg Organ
Single Brother's House, Old Salem, North Carolina
Opus 47
While the main focus of this restoration of this particular instrument was to return all of the original pipes to the organ (they were found during our restoration of the 1800 Home Church Organ), there was also the task of fitting the original pipe shades to the organ. These pipe shades were not used in the 1964 restoration, but were returned to the organ during this restoration. The shades did not fit the case as it was reconstructed in 1964, so it was decided that the stiles (vertical portions of the upper case) would be remade to fit the carvings. It should be noted that the only original parts of the upper case are the side panels, upper cornice, and impost and none of these pieces were altered during our restoration. We only replaced pieces that were made new during the 1964 restoration. The original outer shades at some point had been cut short, so new pieces were added to the originals. Another part of the restoration effort was to make new stop knobs for the organ, based on two other David Tannenberg organs in Pennsylvania.

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